Take ACTION in 2017…it speaks louder than words.       

 In Mind and spirit


Every year, as the New Year dawns, we reflect on what we want for our self, our health, our family, and our community.  However, how many of us stick with the plan?  How many of us actually, consistently take action?  My classes and workshops seem to boom in January, but come March… life gets in the way of action.  Many of us talk a good talk and have the best of intentions, but… the words do not always translate into action.  According to a study out of the University of Scranton, about 45% of American’s make new years resolutions (mostly about health habits), but only 8% of theses people are successful keeping them.  Statistically, most people are taking action in January, but the actions begin to become less consistent each month.  Does this mean we no longer seek or desire change?  I believe our intentions are good, however, life and dueling intentions can slow our actions, even though our words or intentions remain the same.  We need to create awareness in our self about our goals as well as what we need to achieve them and take small, consistent action to create lasting habits and change.

This concept of taking action towards change versus talking about wanting change is true across the board, be it personal goals, desire for change in life, in community or even in the world.  Many people complain, self deprecate, and even speak out against injustice, inequality or whatever pushes a button socially/morally.  However, how many of us truly walk the walk and let our actions speak towards the change we want to see in the world?  As I say to my children, show me- don’t tell me. I encourage them to make a play happen versus wait for a play to happen in sports… and in life.  The Daily OM  had a great blog recently about aligning your actions with your words.  In other words, make sure you are practicing what you preach and being the kind of person you want in the world.  Make sure you take ownership of your life, your health and how your actions affect the world in which you live.

In healthcare, 70% of diseases and illness are preventable through lifestyle choices.  So, start to manage your healthcare with self-care and ACTION towards improving your mental, spiritual and physical health.  If you are going to make a resolution for 2017, make it simple, tangible, meaningful and something you can take consistent action to ripple change in your life.  Us News and World Reports looked at why 80% of new years resolutions fail.  One of the biggest reasons was that the motivation was lacking as the mind-set and habits did not change, so the action became less due to motivation waning.  Along the same lines, we are masters of self-sabatoge, so we tend to derail our success with the slightest amount stress or challenge versus persevere, reset and refocus.

Here are 5 Tips to take ACTION and evoke changes in your life for 2017:

  1. Work on changing your MINDSET about self and health.  Develop awareness of changes you want to see, why and what the obstacles are.  Are you intrinsically motivated, or do you need others to hold you accountable?
  2. Look at SMALL ways to take action towards change.  If you make the task or action too big, you are less likely to stick with it.  For example:  Walk at least 10 minutes a day versus walk an hour a day or go to the gym for an hour a day.
  3. Look for REALISTIC ways to create change.  Many of us try starting with big, extreme, unrealistic goals, like lose 10 lbs in a week, or cut out all sugar from diet.  Some of these goals can set you up for failure as there is no wiggle room.  A goal of eating cleaner or cooking more and eating more fruits and vegetable is a bit more realistic and will help you drop weight and cut down sugar.
  4. Build Confidence and SELF TRUST by setting goals you can stick to.  For example, look at your schedule and carve out time to exercise or join a class or group that exercises 2-3 times per week.  When you go to the classes, you stick to your goal and build self-trust.
  5. Develop Critical AWARENESS and OPTIMISM.  Be aware of obstacles to you taking action and why they are obstacles.  Be aware of the kind of person you are- are you self motivated or need help staying motivated by others.  This could mean the difference between joining a gym or working out on own vs. joining a class or working with a personal trainer.  Most importantly, be kind to yourself and set yourself up for success versus failure.  If you think you can, you can, if you think you can’t, you can’t– Henry Ford

Join me in 2017 by taking action towards the change you want to see in self, family, community and the world.  Let your actions do your talking and align with who you want to be and how you would like to be remembered.  Happy NEW YEAR!

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