People Connection© Community$200/hr

Cooking Workshops
Teaching the easy art of putting together quick and simple meals encorporating a variety of vegetables and grains. Learn about various grains and how to prepare them, how to add more veggies to a meal and get your family to eat and enjoy them! We offer a shopping list, variety of recipes, Tip on meal planning and how to get your family to eat healthier.

Mindful Eating Workshop (Teens and adults) Learn about why we crave certain foods, what foods affect which hormones and neurotransmitters in our body and how they affect mood, energy and cravings. Gain understanding about what the saboteurs to mindful eating are and how to connect to food and your body’s messages. (1-2.5 hour)

Fueling for Performance (Teens and adults) Learn about how to fuel your body properly for physical and mental performance. Understand why processed foods and sugar depletes your body of energy and makes you feel tired and sluggish. Why do athletes Bonk? Why do I have cravings at certain times? Why do I rely on stimulants like caffeine? (45 minutes- 1 hour)

Food Processing (school age and adult)
Learn about how foods are processed and prepared to make them “taste good” and keep us coming back for more. Learn about and experience what these foods do to your body through an interactive game. Process some foods through grinding and juicing. This is an interactive, multi-sensory workshop (1 hour).

Mindfulness and Movement Breaks: A Teacher and Student Training (all levels)Learn how to plant your feet and be in the moment. Discover techniques to bring awareness to the body and mind, decrease stress and anxiety, calm the body and mind to allow for better learning, better focus and better performance in school as well as improved empathy, tolerance and community. This workshop incorporates brief movement breaks and “energy release” activities to use throughout the school day. Learn how to incorporate mindfulness and movement into existing curriculum with minimal alterations and planning. Based on MindUp and Inner Kids programs.(2-4 hour workshop. Can be broken up into segments).

Body Image, self esteem and food (teen girls and women)
Why are so many girls restricting calories and becoming vegetarian? Why do we have such poor and skewed body image? What role does the media, peers, teachers and parents play in kid’s body image and self esteem. How does this affect our food choices? What role do our food choices play in our body image and self esteem? This workshop will address these questions in an interactive discussion.

Dynamic Nutrition Through Exercise Games (school age and middle school) 45 minute workshops teaching : “The Stop Light Diet”, “My Plate” and “Food Affect”

Goddess Workshop-Tapping into your inner YOU (teen and Adult)- A workshop for women fostering self discovery, self acceptance, empowerment and a connection to the spirit and inner knowing or intuition.  This workshop will incorporate yoga, sound therapy, reiki and chakras as well as some art and dance.  This is a perfect workshop for healers, educators, parents/caregivers and those who desire an open third eye and intuitive mind.  (4 hours)

Mindful Living – Learn how to reset your stress response, be present in the moment without judgement and live your life fully. Learn how to mindfully eat, mindfully move, and take mindful moments through out your day. In order to connect to your mind, your body and your spirit.

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