Traveling the path to health can be confusing, frustrating and often misleading.  Traditional medicine can be limited in its ability to help, yet alternative medicine has its limitations as well.  The key to navigating the path to health is self responsibility and accountability along with understanding how to bridge the gap between traditional and alternative practice.  We are the Integrative Bridge to Health, helping you find the right fit and mix for YOU.  We look at the individual and their obstacles to health and happiness and develop a plan to help address anything in the way of your flying into health.

Along with helping the individual who just feels “off”, we specialize in helping people who are dealing with chronic health issues and conditions:

  • Learning and memory difficulties
  • Headaches
  • GI upset
  • Inflammation and Autoimmune/inflammatory disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Mood swings/depression/anxiety
  • Chronic Fatigue and energy imbalances
  • High cholesterol/ Hypertension


Winter Reset Cleanse– ($75). A 2 week, supported, guided cleanse to rid body of toxins and identify the foods that do not serve your body in health. We will offer up mindful moments and exercises for the reset to help you get centered, be present today and facilitate a calm to help move out the old and bring in the new, healthy you. The reset comes with recipes, support and a private FaceBook Group to connect, get motivation, inspiration and tips.  Call/email today to start!

Health TIPS 101- Emailed weekly workouts, recipes and health “prescription”: $40/Month

Integrative Health Coaching- $125/90 minutes

Child Health Coaching (up to 11 years old) – $105/75 minutes

Teen Health Coaching (12-18 years old) – $115/ 75 Minutes

Group Integrative Health Coaching (5-10 people for 90 Minutes) $75/person

*Sports Conditioning and Nutrition for Athletes: How to train for maximum results and plan recovery time along with how to fuel the body for maximum performance and recovery.  Understanding different protein sources, training approaches and how to “get bigger”and/or “faster” in a healthy, realistic and safe way.  School special offer as a consult and workshop- $200/2.5 hours


Cooking Workshops for Adults and Kids- $200 for 6-8 people. 2 hours with Food,  recipes and kitchen tips including.

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