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I found myself, after Saturday Night family dinner out, Easter Sunday Brunch… with a mish-mosh of leftovers.  As restaurants often serve huge portions and my kids do not order off kids menu… we had a bunch of leftover meats and veggies!  I made a big ham for Easter and baked french toast… I was not really feeling like making another big meal Sunday night.  My kids love Naan, and flatbreads.  My kids can be picky about what meat they like/ what veggie, so… I had Naan and some Stonefire Flatbreads (2 in a pack) along with bits of leftover scallops, steak, chicken and ham.  Hence we created- leftover’s flatbreads!  This is great for kids to participate in making- lay out ingredients, slice up leftovers, prepare “crusts” with sauce or olive oil and garlic.  Add some veggie and viola- dinner (or lunch).

leftovers nan flatbreads


2-4 Naan or Pita (we like the thin crusts)

1 package of 2 Stonefire Flatbreads (or brand you like- or homemade option)

2-4 TBSP of Sauce: Crushed tomato, olive oil and minced garlic, leftover sauce (bruschetta, mustard sauce, alfredo, anything that sound good)

1-2 cups of Baby Arugula, Baby Kale or Baby Spinach

Chop or thinly slice your leftover meat/ fish/ veggies.

2 cups grated cheese:  I use grated gruyere, gouda and 4 cheese Italian (Asiago, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Romano)

Place flatbreads and Naan on cookie sheets.  Heat Over to 400 degrees.  Place sauce on bread- I used olive oil (2 tsp brushed on) with minced garlic for the one with Arugula, leftover mushrooms and brussel sprouts, steak and scallops.  I topped Arugula with a little 4 cheese, then meat/fish veggie, then a bit more cheese.  Another flatbread I made with 1 tbsp crushed tomato mixed with 1 Tbsp sweet mustard sauce from the ham at brunch.  I then layered baby Kale, gruyere cheese, ham and a bit more gruyere.  My younger kids made Naan pizza with tomato sauce, baby spinach and kale, then one used steak, another breaded chicken and another used Ham and Pineapple.  Get creative- use what you have and have fun!  Bake for 10-15 minutes until cheese is melted and starting to brown.  Slice it up into smaller pieces and have at it!

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