Private $75

Semi- private:
2 people $55/person
3-4 people $45/person
5-6 people $30/ person

Group Personal Training Session:(over 6) $15

Personal Training Consultation package: $80

  • 1 hour personal training session
  • 1 video with one of my high intensity interval training workouts
  • Perfect package for those motivated to workout, time crunched and need ideas on how to get the most bang for the buck.


In person/ 10 day fitness challenge : $100
*Emailed weekly workouts, recipes and health “prescription”: $40/Month


(Sunday Sunrise, Spin/Sculpt, Bootcamps)– $12/ class for 4-8 week session commitment.
Classes run with 4 or more committed.

Total Body Tabata-A 30 minute workout based on High Intensity Intervals.  It hits the entire body from cardio, to core, to functional multi muscle movement exercises.

Outdoor Bootcamp (Fall, spring and summer)
A dynamic, out of the box (or gym) workout incorporating high
intensity intervals, calesthenics, cardio and resistance training. This
is a strong core based functional total body conditioning class that is appropriate for all levels of fitness.

Teen Bootcamps (Fall winter boys and girls and summer coed)
It is a agility, strength and cardio conditioning class using obstacle course, drills, calesthenics, weights, BOSU balance and games to create a fun, but challenging workout for girls and boys age 10-14.

Spin and sculpt/ Spin Core (late Fall/ Winter)
A class involving 40 minutes of spinning and 20 minutes of core based strength conditioning.

A flowing blend of yoga and pilates providing a blend of strengthing, stretch, and some cardio. We often add a” kick” component to the moves-( martial arts influence.)

Sample Tabata….

Total Body Tabata 4 Minute Bouts
Use a tabata timer- free app on iPhone/Ipad.

Warm up by jogging in place, jumping invisible jump rope one heel out at a time, pulling up toes towards shin. 2-5 minute warm up.

BOUT 1: (Do all four exercises 2 x through) 4 minutes
1) Squat jump– keep knees in line with ankles on squats. lower bottom towards ground, touch ground with hands. Modified- do small hop coming out of squat and lower halfway, Advanced- lower down to legs parallel to ground then Jump up.
2) Walk out push ups, walk in push ups. Bend down, place hands shoulder width apart on ground. Walk you hands out to assume plank position. Bend elbow in push up, dropping knees if need modification. Walk hands back about 8-12 inches from feet, bend elbows in shoulder push up. Walk hands back to plank- push up and so on.
3) Plank Jax– In plank position, open and close legs like in a jumping jack, keeping bottom in line with shoulders in plank position.
4) Lateral Burpee– Squat, hands on floor then jump feet to right side, then back in. Jump up. Squat, hands on floor, jump feet to left side. Continue sequence.

Bout 2: Use a kettlebell or medium to heavy free weight. Go through each exercise 2x. 4 Minutes Total.
1) Up and Out Jax– Hold bell part of kettelbells or ends of dumbbell. Jump feet wide and press the bell out from chest in front of you, then close legs and bring bell towards chest. Jump feet wide and press the bell up over head. Jump feet together bringing bell to chest. Continue jax pressing weight out then up.
2) Plank alternating bell rows– In plank position with bell between hands, shift weight and grab bell in right hand. Row the bell up towards shoulder then down. Shift weight and grab Bell with Left hand and Row up towards shoulder. Repeat the alternate rows, keeping bottom down, core strong and movements quick and tight. Modify by placing knees on ground.
3) Box Hops– jump front side back side, changing directions after 10 seconds. Modify by stepping vs. jumping.
4) Burpee with bell front swing– Place kettle bell in front of you on ground, centered. Squat and lower hands to ground, jump feet back into plank, then in. Grab the bell in one hand. Stand, thrusting hips forward, squeezing bottom and lifting bell in right hand, arm straight, up to chest level then lower. Hands to ground, jump feet out to plank, then in. Grab bell in left hand, stand up thrusting hips forward and raising bell with straight arm in front to chest level. Modify by doing burpee on elevated surface/ bench or step.

Do each separately or together, or even repeat two times Bout 1, Bout 2, Bout 1 then Bout 2. 4 minutes, 8 Minutes or 16 Minutes not including warm up. Get Breathless!

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